Essay questions on the civil war

Ah the joys of bloody European history, excessive dates, names, laws, wars, and not to mention plenty of all-nighters and lengthy essays: Welcome to AP Euro! How did economic and political factors help cause the south to lose the Civil War?

Essay questions on the civil war

California Military History California and the Civil War " all of a sudden it became a hand-to-hand affair. It was soon evident to Captain J. Sewall Reed that he was in for a whipping, and his men began breaking through the fences and into the field, but fighting all the while.

His Californians, especially notoriously good fighters, were standing up to the rack like men, dealing out to us the best they had. They rallied at every call on them and went down with banners flying. Hart, USMC retired "The time has arrived when individual rights must give way, and I shall not hesitate to adopt the most stringent measures to crush any attempt at rebellion within this department.

The war in the West was fought undercover. Aside from a single engagement in Arizona and several in New Mexico, uniformed troops of the Blue and the Gray did not meet on the battlefield.

But there was a war all the same, a war of rumor and rallies, politics and pettiness. Quickly the regular Army was called to Eastern battlefields. Volunteer regiments were raised in the West and most of them stayed in the West.

To them fell the job of preventing a Confederate takeover and of continuing the unceasing battle against hostile Indians. The latter took the division among the white man as good excuse to increase their depredations. California is credited with providing 15, volunteers for her own units, plus five companies for the Massachusetts Cavalry and eight for the Washington Territory Infantry.

Nevada provided men for the California total and 1, for her own volunteer units.

Essay questions on the civil war

New Mexico sent an estimated 3, men to the war. Arizona Guards were formed under the Confederate occupation and were replaced by Arizona Rangers when the Union reestablished itself in the territory.

Utah remained loyal and militia units guarded the Overland Mail line. Suspecting the motives of the Mormons, however, the government sent a regiment of California Volunteers to guard the route, too-and to keep an eye on Brigham Young. Colorado recruited two regiments of volunteers, paid them with hastily Improvised drafts on the Federal government, and sent one of them off to New Mexico.

Here they provided the main force that defeated the Confederates at Glorieta and stemmed the rebel advance into the West. A Federal government on one band procrastinated in recognizing the financial matter, but on the other hand expressed quick appreciation of the "Pike's Peakers"' strategic victory.

After the Confederates returned to Texas with two-thirds of their forces and equipment left behind the Western war became one of rumor. But the danger continued to be present. It fell to the Volunteers to see that the peace and the Union were preserved.

Yet, California played a surprisingly important role in that epic conflict. Long ignored by most historians and documentary film makers, California's contributions and sacrifices, both in men and materiel, deserve a national audience, While a few Americans might know that shipments of gold from California helped keep the Union solvent during the Civil War, almost no one know that California had more volunteers per capita in the Union Army than any other state.

Nor is it generally known that by war's end California volunteers in the West occupied more territory than did the Union Army in the east. Nearly 17, Californians enlisted to fight.

Most of these men were keep busy in the West, but several companies of California volunteers saw action in the East as the California One Hundred or later the California Cavalry Battalion. These volunteers served with the 2nd Massachusetts Cavalry and fought in 31 engagements, many of them in the Shenandoah Valley.

Other California volunteers served with distinction in New York and Pennsylvania regiments. Edward Baker is but one example. Baker died while leading the regiment in a charge across an open field in the battle of Ball's Bluff in October and the regiment was then claimed by Pennsylvania and renamed the 71st Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry.

Californians always seemed to be in the thick of the fighting and suffered a high rate of casualties, This is all the more surprising because California was, in many ways, a border state. Southerners residing in California accounted for a substantial portion of the population.

In California had a population of someAboutwere voters. Of them 50, were Northern born, 30, Southern born, and another 50, were foreign born, mostly Irish, British, and German. Thus, Southerners, most of whom were Confederate sympathizers, exercise a good deal of influence in the state.A civil war is a war between organized groups within the same nation state or republic, or, less commonly, between two countries created from a formerly united nation state.

Essay questions on the civil war

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