Important factors that determines the span of life on human

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Important factors that determines the span of life on human

Among these three, the platelets are the smallest but one of the most important factors in blood clotting. The general lifespan of a platelet is about 10 days.

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The normal platelet count in the human blood ranges fromtoper micro liter of blood. One of the most common condition of platelet count changes is the popularly known thrombocytopenia where the levels drop below normal. In such condition, there will be a necessity for immediate medical help due to the risk for bleeding.

So it is of utmost importance to maintaining and watching proper balanced diet to deal with a low platelet count. On the other hand, an abnormal increase in platelets which is also due to specific causes is referred to as thrombocytosis.

They can be classified as the following: It has been found out through many researches that the normal platelet count in human blood is deeply associated with the genes.

The normal life span as we have read earlier is just about 10 days. But with genetic influence, this can either increase or decrease, accordingly.

With the progressions of age, the capacity of body system and regulation gets reduced affecting the growth and formation of platelets in human blood. Sialic acid plays a very crucial role in regulating the life span of platelets in the human blood.

Galatactosewhich helps to determine the sialic acid presence, can rapidly change or alter the life spans of platelets. The functionalities of the sialic acid is not fully recognized, but have been found to have a very crucial role in the life span of platelets. In thrombocytopenia, the platelet count becomes visibly low, and the resultant medical disorder can lead to serious medical conditions.

So if there comes a disorder associated with the bone marrow, the platelet life spans get affected and probably decreases. Medical conditions that could have resulted from improper blood transfusion is one of the common factors that can influence the regulation and life span of platelets.

Important factors that determines the span of life on human

Also, blood transfusion may be given in cases of acute injury or for the purpose of any other blood related disorder in the body, but since it will be an injection of a foreign blood, there may be body reaction resulting to tendencies on platelet life span changes.

In cases of this platelet related medical disorder of congenital thrombocytopenia, the platelet count becomes lower than the normal range. Abnormal accumulation of cells: Check out the diagnostic procedures to detect abnormal platelet count.History of Human Life Span and Mortality, a determining factor of social life that the span of human it is as important a factor.

The exact duration of human life is unknown, although there is presumably a maximum life span for the human race established in the genetic material. At first thought, this statement seems irrational.

Surely no human can live 1, years. Even though all may agree that the likelihood of an. It represents the average life span of a newborn and is an indicator of the overall health of a country. In this sense, life been proven as influential factors on Life expectancy.

However, the specific level of 1 Steven M. Sheffrin (). It seems that aspects in human life that contribute to. U.S.

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Life Expectancy – What Factors Contribute to Low Rates? t The U.S. currently ranks 50h for both female and male life expectancy, continuing to fall short compared to. New research suggests that an important indicator of your probable life span may be your genes. Scientists have identified unique genetic signatures strongly associated with a long and healthy.

Important factors that determines the span of life on human

Factors affecting life expectancy include access to and the quality of health care, genetics, living conditions, hygiene, and diet. Scientists are still debating the relative importance of these factors in determining life expectancy, as of

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