Influence of peer pressure on teenage sexual behaviour

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Influence of peer pressure on teenage sexual behaviour

Abstract This study examines transitions in schooling, sexual activity, and pregnancy for adolescents and young adults in urban South Africa. South African youth have high school enrollment rates through their teenage years, combined with relatively early sexual initiation, with most young people becoming sexually active while they are enrolled in school.

Teen pregnancy rates are also relatively high, with almost all teen pregnancies being non-marital. We find that teen pregnancy is not entirely inconsistent with continued schooling, especially for African black women.

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We estimate probit regressions to identify the impact of individual and household characteristics on sexual debut, pregnancy, and school dropout between and We find that male and female students who performed better on a literacy and numeracy exam administered in were less likely to become sexually active and less likely to drop out of school by Surprisingly, year-olds who had completed more grades in school inconditional on their age, were more likely to sexually debut bya potential indicator of peer effects resulting from the wide dispersion in age-for-grade in South African schools.

Introduction As social transformation continues in South Africa and the opportunities available to young adults increase, it is important to understand how educational opportunities are related to subsequent transitions to adulthood.

Influence of peer pressure on teenage sexual behaviour

The goal of this paper is to examine the interactions between educational transitions and transitions into sexual activity and pregnancy among urban youth, including analysis of how early educational achievement affects sexual debut, pregnancy, and school dropout as adolescents progress through secondary school.

Past research has established a strong association between schooling and the timing of sexual initiation and pregnancy in developing countries Bledsoe et al. However, the vast majority of studies use cross-sectional data to find that educational attainment and school enrollment are negatively associated with the probability of initiating sex and having an early pregnancy.

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At the same time, research on educational outcomes has shown a weak connection between grade attainment and basic knowledge Lloyd, School enrollment and grade attainment alone do not give a complete picture about the knowledge and skills of young people. This is especially true in South Africa, where young people have achieved high levels of school enrollment and grade attainment but where persistent educational inequalities are reflected in high rates of grade repetition and widely varying educational achievement.

The importance of examining the interaction of educational achievement with sexual debut and pregnancy is that the timing and order of these transitions may have important effects on subsequent transitions in schooling, employment, and family formation.

Understanding how adolescents negotiate these transitions has important policy implications and is crucial for successful well-being.

Data limitations in developing countries, particularly the lack of information on sequencing of events and the lack of data on knowledge acquisition has limited our ability to understand the interconnections of educational outcomes with sexual and reproductive outcomes.

We take advantage of waves of the Cape Area Panel Study CAPSa recently collected longitudinal survey of young people in metropolitan Cape Town, to examine the transitions to sexual debut, pregnancy, and school dropout for both male and female young adults in urban South Africa.

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Our focus is on the interactions between schooling and sexual behavior, including analysis of whether adolescents with more acquired human capital have later sexual initiation and are less likely to have teen pregnancies. The paper contributes to the debate and policy implications on transitions to adulthood in three key ways.

First, the paper considers the sequencing of events. Our data allow us to measure educational achievement prior to sexual debut, pregnancy and school drop-out. Educational achievement, which we measure using a literacy and numeracy test administered to all CAPS respondents, reflects the knowledge base and skills set of young people.

This provides a more direct measure of learning skills than grade attainment alone, and provides information about the educational differences taking place in a country where school enrollment and educational attainment are high for all groups.

Second, we look at how the trajectories of adolescents differ across population groups. This is a particularly important dimension in the South African context, given the large racial differences in school quality and household circumstances.

Third, we explore the interconnections between sexual and reproductive transitions and education for both males and females. In contrast to the extensive literature on transitions to adulthood of females, the literature on males is quite sparse and there are reasons to believe that these processes may vary substantially by gender.

The structure of this paper is as follows:Peer Pressure and Teen Sex Many teens, especially boys, feel pressure to have sex before they are ready. According to recent research, some 63 percent of teens believe that waiting to have sex is.

The impact of parents and peers on teenage sexual behavior Kennedy, Barbara Ann Henderson, Ph.D. Iowa State University, UMI Ann Arbor, MI The impact of parents and peers on teenage sexual behavior by Barbara Ann Henderson Kennedy A Dissertation Submitted to the.

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Our first outcome measure in our probit regressions will be sexual debut, equal to 1 if a respondent reported not having had sex in but reported having had sex by The mean of the sexual debut variable for males is fairly similar to that of females – 58% .

Influence of peer pressure on teenage sexual behaviour

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