Term paper by jasim

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Term paper by jasim

The vasculature of the hand has been a topic of anatomical interest because of wide range of variations in the formation and distribution of palmar arches.

Term paper by jasim

In the present study we have emphasized on the varying pattern of the formation and branching pattern of the superficial palmar arch SPA in cadaveric human hands. The study was conducted in 42 formalin fixed human cadaveric hands and different presentations were noted. The classic formation of the SPA was noted in The other variants noted were SPA completed by the first dorsal metacarpal artery and SPA formed between median and ulnar artery.

Incomplete SPA ending in the thenar muscles and an abrupt end between the index and middle finger were also noted in the present study. The existence of both common and rare anatomic variations in the formation of superficial palmar arch as well as the absence of collateral circulation between ulnar and radial arteries necessitates the proper knowledge of vasculature of the hand in order to avoid or minimize the risk of complications during vascular surgeries or reconstructive surgeries in the hand.

Grant's Atlas of Anatomy.

Term paper by jasim

A study of the superficial palmar arteries using the doppler ultrasonic flowmeter. Journal of Anatomy 1: Variations in the formation of superficial palmar arch and its clinical significance in hand surgeries.

Int J Biol Med Res2 2: Compendium of human anatomical variations. A morphometric study on the superficial palmar arch of the hand.

Arterial patterns in the hand based upon a study of specimens.Congratulations! The International Firestop Council would like to congratulate all those who have diligently prepared for and successfully completed the “IFC Recommended Training and Education for Third-Party Firestop Inspectors” program.

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International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications (IJERA) is an open access online peer reviewed international journal that publishes research. Introduction.

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